“Student creativity can be fostered” (p. 14)*. What is to be fostered in education as creativity is personally and contextually bound.

Three keynote speakers will capture the essence of the 1st Thematic Conference of the European Council for High Ability—Creativity Research & Innovation in Gifted Education: Social, Individual, and Educational Perspective and provide us with the personal, the educational, and the broader societal perspective on creativity, and how they relate to contemporary gifted education. These perspectives will guide the conference participants into more complex and personally meaningful, educationally viable, and contextualized reasoning about creativity. Knowledge about creativity will emerge at this conference, to be used by the researchers as well as the educators of the gifted.

|*American Psychological Association, Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education. (2015). Top 20 principles from psychology for preK–12 teaching and learning.

We are delighted to invite as key note speakers these distinguished scholars:

Vlad Glaveanu - Cultivating creativity, expanding the possible: Sociocultural reflections

Zorana Ivčević - From daring to achieving:
Individual-level processes in creativity

Jonathan Plucker - Increasing Student Creativity: Recent Advances and Future Directions